Thursday Snippets – Joanne Troppello

Today, I’m welcoming fellow Astraea author, Joanne Troppello and her book, Bella Lucia.

Bella Lucia coverBook Blurb for Bella Lucia:

 After being married for six years, Gwen and Lucas DeStefano are dealing with the pain of a childless marriage and trying to trust God for their future.  On a weekend getaway to the Poconos, they attempt to relax and renew their marriage, but witness an event that turns their lives upside down.  They see a body dump in the woods while they are on a hike and their lives become entangled in a web of suspense and God’s ultimate blessing in the form of a little baby girl, named Bella Lucia. Will Gwen learn to trust God with childlike faith and wholeheartedly accept His plan?

Det. Marc Abrams is assigned to the murder investigation of Sabrina Reysen and he will do whatever it takes to find her killer. He has his suspicions and is pleasantly surprised when he meets Samantha “Sam” Collins, the attractive US Marshall assigned to protect one of the witnesses in this case. Will Det. Abrams find the killer before it’s too late and is the attraction between him and Sam strong enough to survive?


“Bella Lucia.” She whispered the words, and a tear slid down her cheek as she thought about her hopes of becoming a mother and fears of never realizing that dream. Her heart ached with the pain of barrenness.

She heard her husband call for her from inside the bedroom. “Honey, where are you?”

“I’m out on the balcony. I couldn’t sleep.”

He came outside. She felt his breath on her neck. “What’s wrong?”

“Do you have to ask?” Immediately, she regretted her tone. She sniffled, trying to hold back tears as she faced him. “It’s hard, you know, hearing Kari’s news.”

Lucas’s features softened and he reached out to embrace her. “It’s gonna happen, Gwen. You’re going to have a baby. Bella Lucia, remember.”

She pulled back and tried hard to smile. “I know, our beautiful light. Six years is a long time to wait.”

Lucas kissed her lightly on the lips. Tingling warmth flooded her body at his touch. Yes, six years is a long time, but our love keeps growing stronger. She pulled aside, needing answers. “Am I a bad person for feeling jealous about Kari being pregnant?”

He brushed back her hair. “Of course not. It’s normal to feel this way, Gwen. We’re all human. As long as you don’t let it affect your behavior, you’ll be fine.”

She chuckled through her tears. “Hmm, maybe that’s why God brought us together—I have my own live‑in psychologist.”

“If we have too many sessions like this, I may have to start charging you.”

Gwen dodged his attempts to tickle her, and she raced back into the bedroom. Lucas grabbed her playfully, running his hand along her shoulders. “Let’s make a baby now.”

She backed away, smiling. “It’s not the right time of the month.”

He kissed her. “Well, we can practice anyway.”

She succumbed to his kisses, and for the moment, thoughts of Bella Lucia fled to the back of her mind.

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  1. Joselyn, thanks so much for featuring my book today. 🙂


    1. You’re welcome! So glad to have you.


  2. This looks like such a lovely book. And I love the cover


  3. jeff7salter · ·

    enjoyed the excerpt.
    A married couple — supporting characters — in my upcoming novel also have to deal with the issue of not yet having children.


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