It happened again

Two years ago, my daughter tripped in the bathroom and smacked her face on the bathtub. This resulted in a split lip and two teeth shoved up into her gum. The teeth had to be removed because the root was dying and removal would prevent damage to her permanent teeth. She now has a charming gap-toothed smile. Infrequent observers are so excited that she has lost her first tooth and ask about the tooth fairy, and I feel bad that she had to lose them this way. Hopefully the missing teeth will grow back soon.

Yesterday the Little One proved to be just like her sister. (And her mom, now that I remember. My front tooth was only chipped. I shudder at what going to the dentist would have been like given my mother’s philosophy on pain-killers.) The Little One took a digger in the driveway and landed flat on her face. She cracked one of her front teeth in half and may have chipped the other. Half of the broken tooth came off, leaving the other half cracked and dangling from a bruised gum.

The dentist had to remove the damaged tooth. He gave her some laughing gas and Novocaine and took it out. She was a trooper. Didn’t even cry when I left the room. Within an hour, she was back to her normal self and just a bit crazy, which I am going to attribute to the aftereffects of the laughing gas.

Aren’t boys supposed to do this kind of stuff?

The missing tooth.


  1. She’s ready to play hockey!


    1. Someone said that yesterday!


  2. Poor thing. At least it is her baby tooth and not a permanent one. 🙂
    Hopefully that is the last accident.


    1. I know. And she really does look kinda cute with it missing.


  3. Aw! Looks like a tough little chick!


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