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Here is another excerpt from the work in progress Heartbreak Hill:

Tara returned to her desk and placed the phone on a stack of files on one side of the desk, a little surprised Leslie relinquished it so easily. She must be feeling really bad. Tara couldn’t imagine working all these hours and being pregnant, too. The iPhone had been glued to Leslie’s palm since mid-January. It had her appointment schedule, email, and to do lists. Leslie needed it to keep up with all their appointments and tax filings for the tax season.

“Let me know as soon as they arrive,” Leslie called from the break room. “No stalling like yesterday.”

Tara had been the receptionist at Knotts Accounting since Leslie purchased the building and started her own accounting firm. Tara had started answering the phones, but with Leslie’s encouragement, she had taken the tax preparation courses last winter, so she could help with the straightforward returns. Leslie was trying to talk her into returning to college for an accounting degree, but Tara hadn’t gotten past the gathering information about programs yet. She couldn’t imagine herself going back to school. She had never been college material, not after high school and definitely not twelve years later.

“Sure thing.” Tara wiggled her mouse and the tax return she was working on materialized on her computer screen. Leslie was the last person Tara would have ever expected to be friends with. Leslie was an accountant. She was smart, professional.

No one would mistake Tara for any of those. Until she had returned to Carterville, she’d been a cheerleader for a regional arena football team. Not exactly an intellectually challenging position, but she had the right look and the money was good until they changed the uniforms.

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  1. That last phrase is a zinger. Why would a uniform change affect the pay? I’m so glad you’re returning to Carterville for this story. It’s a great community.


  2. I was thinking about an accounting office (I could never deal with figures all day!l) and what the women who worked there must look like. But when I read Tara was a professional cheerleader, wow! That one really zapped me to another reality altogether. Great job!


  3. Yes, that last line does bring up some interesting questions.


  4. Mirriam Smyth · ·

    Hmm… I wonder why the uniform change mattered. Interesting! Great sample 🙂


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