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Today, Lindsay Downs, also of Astraea Press is sharing an excerpt from her latest book, A Body in the Attic.

A Body in the Attic coverBlurb-

A Body in the Attic

Special Agent Emily Dahill, Dakota along with her team of technicians are sent to Master Sergeant Annabelle Carlyle’s Victorian style house for what they think is a simple break-in. What they find however, turns out to be even more ominous and far reaching.

A secret passageway leads to a mysterious gunshot. When the prime suspect is cleared they still have no clue who the shooter is, or why. Could the shooter be the same individual who took a shot at Dakota?

Add into the mix the FBI and their unexpected involvement in the case.

Soon they learn the break-in had been a cover-up for a more nefarious crime. One that involves Emily’s nemesis, the brown-haired man, and millions of dollars being sent to terrorists.

Will they solve the case before the money disappears forever and more bodies turn up? Not even the inestimable Dakota is sure.

Excerpt- (NOTE-No collies were injured in the writing of this book)

Dakota, annoyed he’d lost his foot pillow, looked for another amongst those still seated. Not happy with the choices he had, with a reluctant puppy sigh, he flopped to his side, having to settle with the floor. His eyes were about closed when a sound, so faint only his keen ears could pick it up, brought him up so his legs were now underneath him, ready for a quick rise to chase the whatever he’d heard.

He perked his ears as the sound got closer. Cautiously, he looked at the people around him, not all surprised to notice they weren’t aware of the approaching footsteps. Which meant the investigation fell to him, something he proudly excelled at.

Silently, he rose to his paws. With a sly glance around to make sure no one was watching, he slipped to the hall door.

He checked right. Nothing.

A look left showed the screen door, the only barricade between him and the outside. Head low, his nose barely off the wooden floor, he stepped out of the room, searching for an airborne scent to match the sound. Using his nose, he pushed open the door, let it slide down his side so it wouldn’t make any noise, and stepped out onto the porch.

A gentle evening breeze ruffled his mane, but brought something unexpected. A familiar human scent. Not one from his people either. His ears twitched when a rustle in the bushes to his left caught his attention.

He’d been around crime scenes long enough to know that only his partner and her people belonged anywhere near one. Acting, not reacting, he bolted down the stairs toward the movement.

Dakota saw something that made his mind quickly tell him to retreat, but his body was traveling too fast: an arm raised with a pistol pointed directly at him.

He launched at the person.

A shot rang out.

Dakota’s body twisted as he came down on his side, eyes on the shooter. A brief look, a deep inhale of the scent to remember what the man looked and smelled like, and then his eyes closed.

Through the ground, he could feel the individual retreating.

He heard feet running his way, and he smiled.


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  1. Thanks for having me over here today.


  2. What an intense scene! I can’t wait to find out what happens next. Congrats on all your fabulous reviews.


    1. Thank you Patricia. You’ll love what comes next


  3. If you’ve ever wanted to know what a dog is thinking, Emily is the writer to let you know.


    1. Thanks Jeff


  4. Can’t wait to read the book. Great teaser!


    1. You and the girls will enjoy the book


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