Exciting News!

Astraea Press agreed to publish my short story, The Warden’s Lantern!!

I don’t have any details about when it will be released, but here are a couple sentences from the opening:

Barbara Milanowski adjusted the motion setting on her camera and snapped another shot of the trail. She wrapped the strap around her wrist and wandered a few yards along the road—if it could be called that anymore. Weeds grew up through the middle and crowded in from the sides. A gust of wind caught a handful of leaves and tossed them in front of her. The trees swayed and creaked, sending chills down her spine.

Also, in celebration of read an ebook week, Sucker for a Hot Rod is 50% off this week at Smashwords. Look for the other Astraea Press titles as well.



  1. You’re such an inspiration to people who say “I’d love to write a book, but I don’t have time.” Way to go, Joselyn! Can’t wait to read this one.


  2. Thanks, Patty!


  3. Ditto what Patty said. Congrats on this one–it’s a fun read.


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