Sweet Saturday Samples

From my current work in progress Heartbreak Hill:

“Tara, I just don’t feel right.”

Tara Mansfield replaced the phone in its cradle and swung her chair around. Leslie Schultz, her boss, pressed her palm against her back, forcing her growing belly to strain against her tailored maternity shirt. She had given up trying to button her suit jacket over her protruding belly a month ago. “Something at lunch didn’t agree with me.”

“You should go lie down. Your next appointment isn’t for another twenty minutes.” Tara double-checked the schedule for the accounting office. At the height of tax season, it was almost unheard of to have a twenty minute break. Luckily, they’d had a cancellation this morning. Leslie looked like she could use a rest.

Leslie nodded slowly, rubbing her fingertips along the bottom of her belly. “If I didn’t know better I’d think I was having menstrual cramps.” She winced and hunched forward, clutching the door jamb with white knuckles. Tara dashed toward her, her heels sliding on the tiled floor. She grabbed Leslie’s arm and steered her toward the break room where there was futon. Leslie’s steps wavered until she sank on to the cushion. “At least it comes and goes. Maybe I will lie down for a few minutes.”


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  1. Oh, boy. Something tells me Leslie isn’t going to make it to her next appointment. Interesting sample!


  2. I wonder why the women don’t realise she’s in labour? That’s intriguing enough to have me wanting more.


  3. I hope nothing is wrong! This brings back a lot of memories (I have six children, LOL).


  4. Ruh Roh. I think a baby is arriving soon. Great six!


  5. Uh-oh. Babies don’t care if it’s tax time or not!
    I somehow missed signing up for Sweet Saturday Samples this week, but I’ll be back next weekend.


  6. something is not right – curious to see where this is going


  7. That reminds me of my sister when she went in labor with her first baby and was in complete denial. When I suggested the possibility of labor, her exact words were, “Very funny. It doesn’t even hurt anymore anyway.” Ha ha! She had that baby about five hours later.


  8. Looks like someone is keeping a different appointment and Leslie doesn’t have any say in the matter


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