What do we get from horses?

Since my son is in the “why?” stage, we’ve trying to give him honest answers. We explain why we clean the floors, why we don’t eat off them and where food comes from.

Today, he asked me  if milk and cheese comes from cows. I said yes.

Then he asked what food we get from horses.

Not really wanting to discuss that other cultures might eat horses, I said, we really don’t eat anything from horses.

So he said, they just make poop then.


Thankfully, and for once, he let the conversation drop after that.


  1. He’s got it right! They don’t call them hayburners for nothin’!


  2. As someone how has shoveled a lot of horse poop, I can say with certainty that he is not wrong! 😉


  3. Hayburners! That’s hilarious. I’ve never heard that.


  4. ROTFLMAO!! Shoveling horse poop is nothing compared to cow pies, from what my hubby says. LOL!!! We both laughed out loud over this. 😀


  5. John Shevsky · ·

    He’s got that right, I too have shoveled both.


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