Too cute for my husband?

My new sewing machine has been so inspiring. I am thinking of all kinds of things to make and to alter.  All those little things about my clothes where they don’t fit just right? I might finally fix them. All those cute projects in books and magazines and Pinterest I’ve found: I might just make them. Whether I need them or not.

So that brings me to my latest project. A new diaper bag.

Granted I am hoping with all my heart that our days of diaper bags are numbered. (My daughter who has had all the problems has had a phenomenal week and two consecutive days with no accidents. This is a first! Woohoo!) The Little One could be trained as soon as I’m willing to put the effort into it. (Therein lies the problem.)

So a new diaper bag. Yes, the old one is looking a bit ratty. The seams are coming apart. It has the dirty smudges that won’t wash out, but it could really make it the last few months we need it.

But we’re going to Florida soon and I found a really cute pattern.

diaper bag

It is from One Yard Wonders. It is just big enough for the wipes container and a couple diapers. Hopefully all we will need.

I added the ribbon, the ruffles and some pockets on the inside. It’s amazing how much easier my new sewing machine makes things.

diaper bag 2


The problem is that this bag might be too cute for my husband to carry.


  1. It is very cute! Be warned…after I showed the girls my new case you made me, they both put in orders! 🙂


    1. That could probably be arranged. 🙂


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