Thursday Snippets – Featuring Grace Greene

This week we are featuring Grace Greene and her new release Kincaid’s Hope.

Kincaid's Hope book coverBeth Kincaid left her hot temper and unhappy childhood behind and created a life in the city free from untidy emotionalism, but even a tidy life has danger, especially when it falls apart.
In the midst of her personal disasters, Beth is called back to her hometown of Preston, a small town in southwestern Virginia, to settle her guardian’s estate. There, she runs smack into the mess she’d left behind a decade earlier: her alcoholic father, the long-ago sweetheart, Michael, and the poor opinion of almost everyone in town. As she sorts through her guardian’s possessions, Beth discovers that the woman who saved her and raised her had secrets, and the truths revealed begin to chip away at her self-imposed control.

Michael is warmly attentive and Stephen, her ex-fiancé, follows her to Preston to win her back, but it is the man she doesn’t know who could forever end Beth’s chance to build a better, truer life.

Chapter One

She’d built her life before; she could do it again.

Beth Kincaid had awakened before dawn, but the memory of yesterday, of being fired, was a dark, gnarly place in her brain. She pulled the goose down pillow over her head hoping to slip back into sweet oblivion.

Not happening.

She kicked off the covers. She was an early riser and always had been. Apparently, that didn’t change with the circumstances.

First, a hot shower, pounding and steaming, a brisk blow-dry of the hair and then a little makeup‒a swish of the hand towel to shine up the faucet completed the morning routine.

Beth shook out her folded jeans and held them up to her waist. She hadn’t seen them in a long time. She sorted through the shirts hanging in the closet, bypassing the silk shells and dressier button-downs, opting for a sky blue cotton shirt with pearl buttons.

Next, coffee, but there was no rush. She wouldn’t be among the DC beltway commuters this morning.

On the counter separating the kitchen from the living room, the answering machine splashed its blinking red light onto the wall‒the same as it had last night when she came home. She turned her back to it and concentrated on getting the coffee maker working.

Soft strains of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March came from nearby. Beth jumped, startled, and coffee grounds scattered across the countertop. Stephen‒she’d called him yesterday, but he’d asked all the wrong questions. She found her purse and dug the cell phone out of the side pocket.


“Hello, beautiful. How are you? Better today?” His tone dropped. “You scared me, you know, not answering the phone. I was worried.”

“I didn’t feel like talking.” She sniffled and was embarrassed that she couldn’t help it.

“Remember, I’m the guy you’re going to marry.”

“I know. It’s just….”

“Beth, please let me help. Getting laid off is bad news and it’s tough for you now, but Haddin Technology gives generous severance packages. You’ve been there for almost ten years.”

She cringed. Stephen’s mind was always on money these days. His investments had tanked and she sympathized, but….

“I can’t talk about it now. I’ll call you later.”

Her finger hit the End button without consulting her good manners.

Beth clutched the phone. She could see him‒almost as if he were right in front of her‒his dark eyes, almost black, so concerned, so sincere.

He’d stopped asking her to take a loan against her 401K, but since yesterday it was severance, severance, severance. If he said that word one more time, she’d scream.

When the Wedding March began playing again, she stuffed the phone under the chair cushion. He didn’t understand. No one could.

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