Thursday Snippets – Featuring Meg Mims

Today we are featuring fellow Astraea Press author and Michigander, Meg Mims, and her Valentine’s story, Key to Love.


Someone jarred her shoulder. Jennette stumbled on her stiletto heels, lurching sideways, but a strong warm hand shot out to catch her arm. Heat flooded her cheeks. She glanced up at the tall, wiry man whose dark shock of hair flowed back from his forehead.

“Thank you—I’m so sorry.”

“No problem,” he said. A brusque voice and manner belied his words. His ice-blue eyes glanced her over once before he scanned the painting behind her. “How much longer will this last, do you know?”

“You mean the show? Another few hours, I suppose.” Jennette frowned at his obvious displeasure. “What, don’t you like art?”

“I’m not interested, no.”

His gaze wandered all over the place, as if he deliberately wanted to avoid her eyes. He didn’t say anything else to explain his insult. Then again, maybe he’d missed the beginning where she’d been introduced as one of the featured artists. Jennette counted to ten. And then twenty.

“The sculpture over there won a prestigious award.” She gestured toward the unusual pink and red ruffled-edge ceramic cabbage on its black pedestal.

“You’re kidding,” he said, eyebrows raised. “What is it?”

“I think it’s called ‘Ornamental Glory.’”


Jennette fought down an acidic reply. Judging from his tan cashmere sweater, tailored trousers and expensive Italian loafers, he must be a patron. She couldn’t alienate him even if he was hard to please. She forced a smile.

“So nothing here interests you?”

“Just more junk to dust. Excuse me, miss.”

Blurb —

Artist Jennette Jackson clashes with a handsome visitor at a gallery show. He claims that artwork is just “more junk to dust.” Ouch. When she finds a small metal object on the floor, she uses it later in a new collage.

Her world soon crumbles with family problems and a friend’s betrayal. And wouldn’t you know that the same hunky guy claims he lost an important key the night of the show! When Steve Harmon offers to buy Jennette’s work, she refuses to sell. He’ll just trash it to free his precious key. Or is it possible that key will unlock her future happiness?

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Thanks for sharing with us, Meg!


  1. jeff7salter · ·

    Interesting set-up.
    Rude dude.


  2. Oh my sparks are flying from the start. I love the idea, this is on my wish list, Meg.


  3. Thanks, Sherry and Jeff! I sure had fun writing it!!


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