Monster Jeans

After hours and hours on Pinterest and finally getting a new sewing machine, I am now able to do some sewing projects. I’ve converted some of the kids’ pjs from winter ones to summer ones, stitched up a hole in my daughter’s shirt, and tried out the embroidery function.

But this is my favorite project so far: Monster jeans. Just the way to patch the holes that appear  in boy’s jeans.

Jeans picture 1Jeans picture 2Upclose monsterUpclose monster 2Upclose monster 3

The hardest part was trying to stitch a patch inside the pant leg. While my machine can sew sideways, I’m not sure I had everything set correctly for it. Even size 4T is awfully small to maneuver around the sewing machine.  My son is really excited about them.

This is where I got the idea:

The black pair is too small for him. They are 24 months, so I am going to give them away. If you are interested, leave a comment with your email address and I’ll do a drawing on Saturday.



  1. These are fabulous! Unfortunately, size 24 months is too small for me…:(


  2. Yay! You did it! I wonder how many people actually make what they pin! Those are genius jeans.


    1. Thanks! They were so much fun. I’ve been getting so many ideas from Pinterest. It’s hard to decide which to do first.


  3. […] My son is at the age where he wears the knees out of his pants before he outgrows them. I’ve chopped the legs off and made shorts. I’ve ironed patches on the knees and I’ve made monster jeans. […]


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