Her Sixth Sense

The Little One has the fabulous talent of being able to sense when I’ve either gotten comfortable in bed or been asleep for five minutes.  At this moment, she will wake up and start crying. Some nights she only needs to be covered up, other nights she needs to go potty (and by this I mean that she needs to go until I get her diaper off and she has to put her bare bum on the potty, then she ‘don’t want to.’) and yet others, she needs a drink, but it can’t be water. It must be milk which I have to go downstairs to get. I’ve tried to just give her water because she usually doesn’t drink it anyway, but she’s on to the trick.

All this means that I will be up and moving around that I have to go through my whole sleep routine again. Bathroom, drink of water, and read for another ten to fifteen minutes on a good night before I get to sleep.

Lately she has adopted a new habit of waking up at 5:45 am.

Since I don’t believe that morning starts until 7:00, this seems especially cruel and unusual. It can take me twenty to thirty minutes to fall back to sleep and usually someone else wakes up by then.

After trying to fit my runs in the evening after the kids go to bed and finding the excuse ‘I’m too tired’ too easy to use, I thought I had the perfect solution. I figured I could run in the morning after I get the Little One settled down again. Morning runs aren’t favorite, but it seemed more productive than trying to fall asleep. I prepared to get up at this time and run.

The next morning, the Little One woke up at 5:15. Way too early to go for a run.

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