Weather Predicting Kids

The weather this winter had been odd for West Michigan. We didn’t have any accumulating snow until the beginning of January. But in the last week, we’ve had a couple of inches every few days.

My mom always says that when the kids are rambunctious there must be a storm coming. I’m starting to believe they can predict the weather. The night before the last storm, they were horribly cranky and wild. They wrestled, they bounced off the walls, they translated ‘go in the bathroom and go potty’ as ‘take markers and color all over the bathtub’. (Thank goodness Crayola markers are really washable.)

We ended up with five inches of snow and no school.

This afternoon, everything was opposite. ‘Don’t play with the door’ meant swing it back and forth and slam it repeatedly. ‘Do  you have to go potty?’ was answered with an irritated ‘no’ and a puddle fifteen minutes later. My daughter and the little one were jumping out of their skin.

My guess is that the meteorologists are wrong and that the storm predicted for tomorrow afternoon is going about twenty miles farther north than they expected and we are going to get dumped on.

Either that, or the kids are off the wall tired.


  1. Oh no! More snow? I’m tired of it already…


    1. I wrote it last week before the storm Friday. They were still off. Maybe they are just crazy. NWS says 3 inches this Friday night. We’ll see what they are like tonight.


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