I’m Gonna (beep) You.

My son, as all preschoolers do, is rapidly picking up new words. Some good, some not so good. Sometimes he pronounces the word correctly and sometimes it gets mangled.

After watching an episode of Sid the Science Kid about decaying fruit, he learned the word ‘decay’ and stopped eating dented grapes. However, pronouncing ‘decay’ often came out at ‘decave.’

He also –oh dear–discovered car racing games and that they are available on the Play Station, the computer, and my Kindle (Thanks Dad for showing that.). This has introduced him to the concepts of winning and finishing first and beating his opponent. However, ‘beat’ has been mistranslated as ‘beep.’ He runs around the house, yelling “I’m going to beep you!” or “I beeped you!”

It’s sounds like he’s censoring himself for words he better not know.


  1. I loved this. My little granddaughter won’t eat ‘dead’ grapes, apples or anything that looks dented or discoloured:-)


    1. My son has gotten really picky about grapes too. He won’t eat them if there is a hole in them. A hole meaning where the stem connected to it. If the skin is torn away at all, he won’t touch it.


  2. Ahhh, the joy of words!


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