Our Little Bell-ringers

For the Christmas program each year, our church had the preschoolers do a handbell choir. The kids dress as angels with sparkly halos and play ‘Joy to the World.’ Each child is assigned a colored bell and when the teacher points to their color on the chart, they are supposed to play. It is about the cutest thing.

Last year, the twins refused to wear the angel costumes. (I’m not sure what that means.) They probably wouldn’t have played their bells either. Luckily they had matching colors with an older so there weren’t missed notes.

This year, they put their robes on and wore the halos. During practice, they rang their bells as well. It looked promising.

When it came time for the performance, they marched on stage with the other kids and held their bells at the ready. My daughter had to be nudged to remind her to ring her bell. (Mostly because the girl next to her kept stepping forward, so my daughter couldn’t see the chart.) My son had the very last note of the song.  After a dramatic pause, he gave his bell a thorough ring, shaking it like he was trying to start a lawn mower.

Everyone laughed and the Christmas program was off to a good start.



  1. It was SO cute! You always wait to see what will happen with those little people and the bells…..you never know! That last ring was certainly dramatic–loved it! ;0)


  2. It’s good to exit with flair!

    Sounds sweet (and brave of the teacher to attempt it!).


  3. I can picture it. Next year I expect the words to be memorable now the stage freight is gone and they will be experienced!
    W.S. Gager on Writing


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