Study Proves Magical Doorway

I have long believed the doorway to my children’s bedroom is magical and it can transform anyone under four feet tall from tired and grumpy to hyperactive and giggly (not in a good way) just by walking through it on the way to bed.

Now there is a study that supports this theory. ( Walking through doorways makes you forget things. Like when you walk into a room to do something and you can’t remember what it was.  It’s because you went through the doorway.

By going into their bedroom, my kids forget that they were so exhausted that picking up the blanket at their feet was a task equal to running a marathon.

I also see the evidence at my son’s preschool. When I go to pick him up, the kids are outside playing. The teacher lines them up in a choo-choo train, then directs them to go inside and walk to their classroom. As soon as they go through the doorway, they scatter, forgetting all about their train.

Memory loss by walking through doorways.  I wonder if people with open floorplans have better memory retention.



  1. I think this is highly in favor of open floor plans. However, coming from a house with not much storage space and a lot of junk, I think perhaps a door or two (on closets) is not a bad thing.


  2. I always wondered what the culprit was! The Magical Doorway theory explains it. Too bad I didn’t know this when my kids were small. They would have stayed outdoors a lot longer.


  3. Well, we have a pretty open floor plan, but I do go in and out of the kitchen doorway at least 100 times a day. Why is it that I leave a room to go get something only to find myself standing in another room and clueless about what I came there for? It was the doorways all along!!!


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