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Here’s another snippet from the short story about Barbara and Elmer.  I’m leaning toward The Warden’s Light as the title.

         She admired his focus and determination for learning about weather disasters and helping to prevent people being injured or killed in them. It seemed to be his only interest. Her mother said she was just as single-minded about numbers. Well, Barbara had other interests, hobbies, pursuits. She fantasized about plastering herself across the bank of weather monitors in his office, but she wasn’t brave enough to actually do it.

But maybe she could prove to him that not everything was connected to the weather. She’d have pictures to establish the Warden’s Light as a ghostly manifestation. These weren’t ideal conditions for a paranormal investigation, but she wasn’t a professional. She was bored and decided to check it out.
A Friday night and she was hanging out in the woods. Alone. Didn’t say much for her social life.
She hadn’t seen a thing so far. Not even the ghosts wanted to hang out with her. That’s what she got for being too interested in math, her mother said. Or being in love with the guy who never noticed when you wore that sweater, her best friend said.
A light flashed between the trees and Barbara’s pulse leapt. The air seemed to hum. She knelt on the ground to steady her arms against her knees. Her arms were shaking so badly, she’d end up with a hundred images of a fuzzy dot. She forced herself to calm down. Here it was. Here was her proof. Her camera poised in front of her nose, she snapped picture after picture. Her pulse zipped along at one twenty bips a minute. This was going to be good. 

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  1. Can't wait to see what she gets on those pictures! Sounds like another winner.


  2. Looking forward to finding out what's on those pictures 🙂


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