Tie-dying with Sharpies

My daughter is notorious for spilling on her clothes.  I don’t know if she is worse than my son or if because her clothes are mostly light pink, the stains show up on her clothes.  She has shirts that I am sure I soak in Oxyclean every other week. Some shirts I’ve completely given up on and others I’ve thrown in a pile to try to do something else with. Sadly, usually I debate about what to do with the shirt for so long, that she’s outgrown it.

This time I decided to use my obsession with Pinterest.com for good. (As in actually accomplishing one of the things I have pinned.)

I was quite intrigued by a posting about tie-dying with Sharpie markers. You could do small designs without having the mess of a tub of dye.

The process was simple. Place a plastic cup under the shirt. Secure it with a rubberband and stretch the shirt a bit. Draw the design. Use an eyedropper to drop rubbing alcohol on the design and watch the colors spread. Do this as many times as you like. Dry the shirt on high to set the design.

Here are the results:

For a first attempt, it’s not too bad and you can’t see the stain that was in the middle of the front anymore. 🙂

Here is the website where I found the instructions: http://theartgirljackie-tutorials.blogspot.com/2011/10/tie-dye-t-shirts-with-sharpie-markers.html



  1. I love this! Hope to try it with my girls. We did the whole traditional tie-dying thing once. We had huge cardboard sheets spread all over our driveway. Loved the results but what a hassle. This looks like something we could actually do inside on a snowy day!


  2. T, They would have a blast. And they are old enough to really be creative.


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