And it goes on and on, my friend…

Sorry if that gets stuck in your head, and yes, this is another post about potty training.

My son continues to do well. The Little One insists on sitting–it’s really more like bouncing–on the potty a couple times a week. For her age, she is well ahead of her brother and sister.

My daughter, however, is hitting setback after setback. She’s had three urinary tract infections since July as well as other issues. It seems like each time we figure out a problem and get a solution, another one or the same one returns. So we never seem to make any forward progress.

Through all of this, my daughter has been incredibly tough. She rarely acknowledges pain, though I’m sure she must be in some, and she rarely acts sick which has made diagnosing the infections hit and miss. I’ve only discovered one clue, so I’m calling the doctor as soon as I see it. We’re lucky that the medications have all been light pink (her favorite color) and she takes them readily.

We are going to see a urologist and hopefully find some answers and a path to being potty training. Please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. I will pray for you, girl! We plan on potty training our three year old after Christmas. He's…reluctant shall we say. Good luck!


  2. Thanks Liz! We are so anxious to figure out what is wrong.


  3. Oh, the life of a potty training mom. It is exhausting. 🙂 I know, I've done it three times.


  4. Sometimes being tough can be a real obstacle. They don't give any clues. Good luck!


  5. Update from the urologist: She needs to learn to relax. How am I supposed to teach her that? I don't know what relaxing is. One problem we thought was tackled is still there, but we are going to physical therapy, so at least we have a better idea of what we need to tackle and one new strategy.


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