Getting in the car should be faster with one, right?

Once the twins started school, I figured it would be so easy for the Little One and me to run errands, etc. because I would only have one child to buckle in and out of a car seat at each stop and one child to corral and police in each location. What I didn’t count on was the Little One’s independent streak.

When we get in the truck, I should be able to stick her in her seat, buckle her up and go. But no. As soon as she gets in the truck, she yells, “Me, too.” which can mean the obvious “Me, too!” or “Do it myself!” In this case, it means she would like to climb in her seat by herself. Occasionally, she does this., but usually she walks over to her brother’s and sister’s seats and says, “Gone!” She may try to buckle their seatbelts, but she will manage to stay just out of arm’s reach.

Should she actually get into her seat, she won’t sit in it. She stands and looks into the cargo area of the truck, exclaiming in much excited gibberish. I have no idea what she is so enthralled with. There is nothing there, but an old army blanket. Eventually, I get her to sit and put her arms through her straps, only as long as we have turned the overhead light on and off and commented on the hook for hanging clothes above the door.

Inside any location is easier because there is only one set of fingers to watch, but getting in and out of the vehicle is just as hard as with three kids.


  1. I always thought one would be easier too, but it really isn't. Clingy can be just as bad as independent!


  2. I think you're going to be very busy for a long time. Good thing you're an organized person.


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