Training Them Right

Quite often as mothers, we lament the lessons our children don’t learn – saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, picking up their toys, being nice to other kids, etc.

Then there are those rare occasions when we can think, well, there’s one thing I passed on right.

Since the twins are progressing in potty training, the number of dirty diapers my husband has to change had dramatically decreased.  I’d even venture to put it at less than one per month. (I am not yet so lucky. Sigh.)

The other day after going through her usual routine of hearty grunts, flushed faces, and warnings of “Poop!” that would do the National Weather Service proud, the Little One climbed on the side of her dad’s chair. (Another no-no that no amount of scolding or time-outs seems to eradicate.) She pointed to her bum and demanded, “Change!”

Her dad tried to deflect her command, directing her toward me. “Have Mama do it.”

She met his suggestion with a foot stomp and “No!”

And I had one of those moments.  I felt like I had finally done something right.

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