Content or Complacent?

August was supposed to be a month of down time before the twins started school.  A chance for them to get potty training under control and for us to relax and enjoy the summer. It didn’t happen that way.

My husband was offered a job on the other side of the state.  It promised many advantages, but our gut reaction was no way.  We didn’t want to move. But things kept happening that made us consider the opportunity.

We talked ourselves in circles – the advantages of going, what we’d miss if we left.  We made lists.  We talked to people in both areas.  We talked to a realtor. We asked for prayers.

Through each discussion, we’d come back to one question: are we content or complacent?

Are we complacent because we aren’t willing to change the things that are easy for us? We live in a small town where we can walk or bike to the library, several parks and our children’s school.  We have a good network of friends, church and doctors. We’ve remodeled our house and yard and finally have them how we want them. My husband’s current commute to work is a mile and a half on his bike. He comes home for lunch. Should we be seeking to challenge ourselves and step outside our comfort zone?


Are we content because we are in the place we are supposed to be?

Finally a conversation with my husband’s brother helped us come to a final decision.  He said if my husband wasn’t excited about the job, it wasn’t worth it. And that’s what it came down to.  We knew that if he was more excited about the job, the lingering questions we had wouldn’t have made a difference to our decision.

While we haven’t made any changes, but we feel a lot better about where we are.  If another opportunity arises, we have a better understanding of what it would take to pick up and move. (and if we forget, we can dig out the legal pad with the pro and con columns.)

We are content


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  1. That's a really difficult question to answer. I think the gray area between the two is huge. But I think you'll know when the right opportunity arises.


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