Coming up for Air

It has been an absolutely crazy two weeks.  Stress level has been totally through the roof. There were lots of big decisions to make and that left a lot of little decisions up in the air. One big decision down, one to go.  I’ll write more about that later.

Last night I got to cross one big thing off my to do list.  I finished Minnie’s story – the novel formerly known as Locations of the Heart and now retitled Hauntings of the Heart. I finished my synopsis and sent it off to the publisher.  Now comes the anxiety of waiting to hear back from the publisher. Will they like it?  How much editing will I have to do? We shall see.

So this afternoon when I sat down at my computer, I wasn’t quite sure what to do. (Not that there weren’t things I should be doing, but…) What do you do to celebrate finishing something big?


  1. If I had as much on my plate as you do, I'd celebrate by taking a nap. Assuming someone else was around to watch the kids, of course.


  2. A nap sounds really good. I took the kids to the park and wanted to curl up and sleep on one of the benches. Last decision made and a big relief.


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