Fridays off the Wall with Stephy Smith

Today I’m welcoming fellow Astraea Press author Stephy Smith to talk about her new book, Shawnee’s Creek.

Joselyn: Who would you cast as the main characters in a movie of Shawnee’s Creek? 

Simon Baker as Emory Creek. Jennifer Love Hewitt as Shawnee Turner. They both have a mysterious quality that could add a lot of dynamism if paired together. It would be interesting to see how the two would play off each other.
Joselyn: I love the sparkle of mischief in Simon Baker.  Definitely an interesting choice. What is the most unexpected thing that has happened in one of your books?  As in you didn’t expect it to happen until you wrote it? 

I was working on one of my wip’s when a baby was born. The next thing I knew a little three year old girl was begging to tell her story which is the ending of the book. My writing usually starts from the first and goes all the way to the end. I have never had the end before the middle.
Joselyn: Sounds fascinating. If your main character could invite anyone to dinner (fictional or otherwise), who would it be? 

Simon Baker and Jennifer Love Hewitt to instruct them in how to play their parts. (Shawnee stands over my shoulder giggling.)
Joselyn:  Sounds like a delightful meal. Do you have any characters who keep bugging you for their own book? Will you give them one? 

I have a couple of characters from Rescued From the River. Two of the wip’s I have going are possible sequels to Rescued. I’ll have to see how it pans out before I give any others their own books.
Joselyn:  What one thing would make your writing space perfect? 

A lot of money to construct a writing space;0)
Joselyn: So buy more books right?  Having a space to write seems like it would be easier to stay organized. What author would you be delighted to be compared to (in a positive way, of course)? Is this your favorite author? 

For historical I would have to say Jodi Thomas. She breathes life into her characters to pull the readers into the story toA make them wish they could find or be the person she created. There are so many talented authors out there I hate to choose.
Joselyn: When the power goes out, what do you do? (Cell phone service is out too.)

Light a candle and read. I live too far out in the country to do anything else. I love winter days when I can wrap up in a fluffy, warm blanket and light the candle to see by. It helps me get the feel of the 1800’s for my historical novels. Most of the time I have no cell phone service in my area.
Joselyn: It’s one way to do research. LOL. And finally, what do you do to celebrate a book sale? 

Pray the reader likes it and tells their friends it’s a must read. 

Thank you Joselyn for having me here today. It has been a joy to visit with you. I wish you many sales and happy writing experiences.

Joselyn:  Don’t we all? This sounds like a fabulous book and now that I’m thinking about Simon Baker, it will be added to my iPod soon. Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

More about Shawnee’s Creek:
Shawnee Turner left her home, family and friends to start a new life on a Colorado ranch. When the ranch sold she was forced to return to her Texas hometown and the job she left behind.
Emory Creek owned the sale barn. Anxious for his one true love to return he had to come up with a plan to convince Shawnee, he was the man for her.

You can purchase Shawnee’s Creek at the following locations: (Don’t forget to check out Stephy’s other titles as well.)
You can find out more about Stephy at her website:

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Very nice interview. I have this on my TBR pile.


  2. Thank you so much Joselyn. I really enjoy the interview. Thank you Kay for visiting. Hope you are having a wonderful day!


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