Six Sentence Sunday

From my work in progress Locations of the Heart:

“Family business?  What do you thing he’s looking for?  What if he tries to dispute the sale of The Bower? What do you think he was investigating at the Register of Deeds?” asked Minnie. 
Edith dropped her sandwich on her plate.  “Do you think we can get Maybelle liquored up and then get her spill the details?”

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  1. I love your line, get her liquored up. Great six. Thank you.


  2. lol! Yep. Get her liquored up and she'll squeal like a pig. Great six!


  3. Then again getting her liquored up might work in reverse and she clams up. But, worth a try. Just give her the cheap stuff.


  4. LOL planning on getting her liquored up. Nicely done!


  5. gayleramage · ·

    Hell, yeah! Everyone knows alcohol loosens tongues! Fab snippet!


  6. I'm really enjoying your snippets from your WIP. Keep 'em coming! (Especially like "liquored up.")


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