Finally Holding the Garage Sale

After hours of hauling and arranging and sorting the garage full of other people’s treasures, we were finally able to have the garage sale.

We had originally planned to hold it only for one day and prayed the weather would cooperate.  As morning dawned, that was questionable.  Dark clouds were rolling toward us  We had tarps covering the tables outside of the garage, but as I told my husband, there was no Plan B.  If it rained, there was only Plan A. We would have the sale.

Plan A went smoothly until noon when the cloud bursts started.  They would last long enough for us to throw the tarps on everything and debate whether we should close up for the day.  Then the sun would return, we’d pull the tarps off and start the process all over again.

One person purchases a larger item in the morning and couldn’t haul it away in her car, so she asked if she could come back later.  She returned in the evening with a truck and some muscle to carry the item.  Unfortunately, the truck could have used more muscle.  After loading their treasures, they climbed into the truck to leave, but the truck wouldn’t go.  They tried more gas, scraping the corrosion off the distributor cap and checking the spark plugs, but nothing would entice the truck to start.  They made arrangements for a tow, then tried the key one last time.  The engine roared and they flew out of the driveway.  I hope they made it home.

Disappointments from the sale: the creepy clown with the umbrella nor the dusty football sprouting plastic flowers sold.  I was sure they would be irresistible to someone.

However, the bronze-colored Styrofoam bust of Apollo did.  🙂

The rest of the other people’s treasures went to Goodwill.

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