Another Dentist Visit

No, there hasn’t been any more dental trauma in the Vaughn household. (See Minus Two, Plus One.)  It was just time for the twins’ regular checkup.

Our last dentist visit resulted in my daughter having two teeth pulled after injuring them in a fall.  They gave her a sedative for the procedure and promised she wouldn’t remember a thing.  While she didn’t seem bothered by the loss of her teeth, I wasn’t sure how much she would remember.  Would she remember the dentist’s office?  Would she remember the dentist or the hygienist?  Would those memories trigger a fear because she vaguely knew they went with something traumatic?

Thankfully, I had Grandma and Grandpa to go along as backup should hysterics arise.

When we told the kids about their appointment, they talked about the huge dinosaurs in the waiting room and the others toys they wanted to play with. No mention of the missing teeth. So far, so good.

Upon entering the waiting room, they bee-lined for the toy corner where the enormous dinosaurs awaited.  They only got to play for a moment before their names were called.  Other than my daughter insisting that my son go first and giving him a push of encouragement, there weren’t any problems.

They spent the entire drive home perusing their goodie bags of toothbrushes, toothpaste and mini-flossers.

Another worry put away for six months.

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  1. Having things go smoothly is what most people want to happen when they bring their kids in the dentist. And you're lucky that it happened to you and your kids. I think it's about time we bring my nephew to the dentist, since it's been half a year since his parents brought him.


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