Through My Father’s Eyes

(I realized I’ve been stealing blog titles from music that was popular while I was in high school and college.  Jimmy Buffett, U2 and Eric Clapton, so far.  But their music is timeless, right?)

We’ve been sorting through stuff at my mother’s house and in one of the boxes I discovered my dad’s camera. Well, we discovered several cameras, all of which my dad used frequently and my mother occasionally for less desirable results (Let’s just say there’s a baby picture of me where all you can see is my chins.). But this one camera is the one I remembered.

It is a 35mm with a built-in flash that was his constant companion at birthdays, births, graduations, camping trips, family reunions and any other family gathering.

The ‘leather’ case was flaking its outer coating, but a closer inspection revealed a role of film still inside the camera. The counter on the camera showed only two pictures had been snapped.

My dad died ten years ago, so the film was at least that old.  Who knows if it is any good anymore.  We replaced the batteries and the camera creaked its way back to life.  We took pictures of my kids around the farm.  By the equipment my brother was prepping for the auction. By the swing set where I spent hours practicing ‘gymnastics’ routines. And I snapped a picture of the blooming daffodils – a tradition to finish out the role of film.

I hope the pictures turn out and we can see my kids through my father’s eyes.


  1. Update: we developed the film and it didn't turn out. I was really disappointed. My husband did take digital pictures along side of me, so we will have those. I am contemplating whether to try a new roll of film. It wouldn't be the same as using a roll my dad put in the camera, but it would still be with his camera. I have to decide soon because the auction is in two weeks.


  2. This is so sweet. I'm so sad the film didn't work. You really need to keep the camera. Really.


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