Jaden’s attempt at exercise

During one of our recent thunderstorms, I was running on the treadmill.  I briefly contemplated what I should do should the power go out.  I supposed I would catch myself on the bar and it wouldn’t be too disastrous.

I set up my laptop to watch Bones – my treat for running – and plugged my headphones in.  With the noise of the treadmill and my focus on the show, I couldn’t hear the thunder or anything else. A couple miles in, something weird happened.

Something hit my feet.  I looked down and our fifty-pound beagle Jaden had jumped on the treadmill.  During electrical storms, he tries to get as close to his most respected adult as he can.  He once tried to climb a stepladder to get to my father-in-law.

Jaden isn’t terribly fit and couldn’t keep up with my pokey pace.  He flew off the end of the treadmill and into the wall behind me.  But that didn’t deter him. He jumped on again, practically knocking me over, with the same result for him. A couple more attempts, but no success.

He will have to find another way to get his cardio in.

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