Bailey ate it!

Dogs generally have some pretty gross habits.  Like licking themselves and snacking on things they shouldn’t. Our beagles are no exception to this.

My son greeted me this morning as I got out of the shower, exclaiming “Bailey ate my poop!”

I wasn’t sure what he meant, but assumed the message was garbled as only a three year old can do, and he meant that Bailey had found some treasures in the back yard.  Or that the dog had ripped up a diaper again. (Then I wondered how quickly I could write a Craigslist ad.)

My son repeated his exclamation and I asked if Bailey was outside.  “No,” he said. “He ate my poop out of my potty!”

Sure, enough, I checked the potty and that was definitely the case.  I’ll leave it to your imagination to figure out how I could tell this.

We finally get my son to start pooping in the potty and the dog eats the evidence. Go figure.


  1. I'm definitely showing his post to my husband, who'd desperately trying to convince me to get a dog. And he's enlisted the kids…


  2. Don't give in. (and don't go and look at puppies, you will take one home.) At least wait until the kids can clean up after the dogs themselves. One of the dogs left a mess for me this morning all over the kitchen. I don't know which is harder: cleaning up the mess or keeping the kids out of it while you do.


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