New laptop – It’s pink!

After the dilemma of deciding between a new laptop or a new iPod, I went with the laptop.  I got a Dell in Lotus Pink. I’m very excited about the pink.  
I spent most of the weekend getting my files moved over and adjusting the settings to my preferences. I think I’m almost there.  One thing I will have to get used to is the mouse pad.  It is much larger and much more sensitive than my previous one. It also is able to do gestures similar to my iPod, so you can enlarge or shrink things by touching it with two fingers. This tends to happen when I’m trying to scroll and I don’t realize that my left hand is resting on the pad.
Hooking up my printer was a bit of a pain. We have a wireless printer, so I can print without connecting my computer to the printer with a cable.  I love it.  The setup with my other computers only took a few minutes, except that the easiest way to do it is to connect the printer to the network cable.  The printer is upstairs in our bedroom, so that the test print button doesn’t get pressed fifty times a day. The network cable and the wireless router are downstairs in the playroom because the kids’ computer doesn’t have a wireless card. The power strips there are completely full and all the cords are tie-wrapped together. In order to get my computer to print over the wireless network, I had to carry the printer downstairs, unplug a light, and plug in the printer. Then crawl under the table, unplug the network cable from the computer, and realize it is tie-wrapped down there. Move the printer to the floor and plug the cable in. Hoping that the power cord is long enough to reach.  Do the installation on my computer. Then disconnect everything and reconnect it in its prior state.  Hopefully correctly.  Ah, the wonders of technology.

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  1. Oooh, I love getting new stuff (LOL). Hope you enjoy the new laptop and you get lots of writing done on it to break it in!


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