Registering for River Bank

I did it.  I registered for the 25k at the Fifth Third River Bank Run.  And now I’ve told everyone, so I can’t chicken out. And I’ve paid for it, so hopefully that will keep me motivated for the training.

It’s been a long time since I’ve run more than 6 miles.  Last year I did the 10k at River Bank. But other than some training runs this winter, it has been more than a decade since I last ran the River Bank run.

I wanted to attempt the 25k last year, but I injured my knee on my first long run and couldn’t hardly walk for two weeks.  By the time I recovered, I had lost too much training time to attempt the 15 miles.

This year I’ve done a couple long runs on the treadmill – which wasn’t nearly as horrid as I thought, watching movies on Netflix definitely helps. I’m tackling a 10k this weekend.  It will be cold and snowy and quite an adventure.  My goal will be to finish rather than set any land-speed records.  But finishing will put me in the right direction for tackling that 25k in May.

Anyone else out there working on a big goal?

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