Taking Christmas Pictures

Or why we almost didn’t have pictures on our cards this year.

Well, I put the pictures on the cards anyway, figuring everyone could use a good laugh at Christmas.  Especially as the card wished everyone ‘peace.’

The photoshoot unwound like one of the silent black and white movies where the movements are exaggerated and choppy and there’s dramatic piano music.

We managed to get the twins first, then added the little one. She expressed her displeasure and fled.  This required another attempt to corral the twins.  My son retrieved his camera.  We now have several pictures of it in front of his face.  I decided to hold the little one.  She was somewhat more amenable to that.  The challenge was to keep the twins with us.  After encouraging them to hug, we got several action shots of my son throwing my daughter to the ground.

We finally managed a picture with all three kids and me.  The little one is yawning, but not pulling the front of my dress down.  My daughter is grinning like she’s only going to endure this for another thirteen seconds and my son looks like he jumped into someone else’s prom photo.

So with some cropping, we managed a card with eight small photos and wished everyone joy and peace in the new year.

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