I often look at others and wonder how did everything work out so well for them.  Their job, their house, their college scholarships, and it all seems better than where I’m standing.  The grass is always greener and all that.

I really should check out my own grass from across the fence.

My husband was able to find a job in our small town after college.  He commutes a mile each way and rides his bike weather permitting.  He also gets to come and see us all at lunch.

My children are smart and healthy, if willful and independent. I am hoping this means good things in regards to peer pressure later.  I suppose it also means that they are products of their genetics.  It’s fun to watch their imaginations as they play and wonder if my husband and I were the same way.

We have enough food to not eat everything in our cupboards. We don’t have to eat the Spanish rice or the cans of navy beans.  (Who bought those anyway?) We can even order pizza and breadsticks occasionally.

I get to stay home with my kids all day.  I don’t have to work outside the home to help support our family. And I get to write.  My husband puts up with me typing away on the computer or scribbling in a notebook in my free time.

Sometimes it’s hard to see our blessings without stepping across the fence and looking at our lives from the outside.

Wishing you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving!


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  1. So True – Count our many blessings – name them one by one – count our many blessings – see what God has done! We are blessed!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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