Retreat Weekend

I spent Saturday at a writing retreat with a local writers group.  There was lots of yummy food and fun people.  I actually got to sit down for an entire meal.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  The retreat was at the Gerber Guest House.  A cool bed and breakfast, not far from home.

I also had 10 straight hours to write which may be more cumulative time than I’ve had in a month. It was great.  I wrote close to 20 pages and finished the rough draft for my book about Minnie.  (If you’ve read CEOs Don’t Cry, Minnie is the owner of the Lilac Bower Bed and Breakfast.) The story involves ghost-hunting, plumbing leaks, and a chicken. The ghost-hunting research has kept me up at night and makes going downstairs to retrieve the little one’s bottles in the middle of the night a heart-pounding experience. Who knows what could be lurking in the shadows?  It doesn’t help that I recently learned that a building I can see from my writing desk has a history of strange phenomenon (no doubt made stranger by the inebriated re-tellings of the regulars at its underground bar.)  The plumbing research has been a little more mundane. My husband is fielding questions about how long it would take for water to soak through a wall, ceiling or floor and how much copper pipe costs.

I spent most of yesterday reading, a rare treat.

It’s great to be done with a major stage of the project, now I have to find a title for the story and figure out what to work on next. Do you do anything to celebrate finishing a project?

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