Baseball Game

Our summer reading program at the library gave away tickets to a minor league baseball game.  We decided to try it out.  The kids had never been to a baseball game, but I knew that park did a lot of fun things between innings which should keep them entertained if they found the game boring.

A ninety degree day probably wasn’t the best choice, but the tickets were only good for three games and the other games started after the kids’ bedtimes.

We headed to the ball park after the sandwich challenge – which involved convincing the twins that they needed to eat their peanut butter and jelly before we left.  Since they hadn’t eaten anything all morning except milk, the challenge shouldn’t have been as difficult as it was.  Eventually the threat of having to take a nap in their beds instead of going to the game helped the sandwiches disappear.

When we arrived at the game, we found our seats in a surprisingly good location along the third base line and close to the infield. We could see all the action.  The kids’ favorites were the mascots – a badger, a bird, and a pig. After their first appearance running the bases between innings, we didn’t see them again on the field, but my son kept asking, ‘where’s the pig?’  The little one found a hot dog belonging to the girl in front of us fascinating and kept trying to sneak it away from her.

After four innings of a very promising game for the home team, we headed home with three hot, sweaty kids.  Despite claiming to be ‘tuggered out,’ they did not sleep on the way home.  They did however go to sleep early and with minimal trouble. (By minimal, I mean one diaper change, one pajama change and only thirty minutes of squireliness.)

Despite the heat, the game was fun. As we headed out to the parking lot, we noticed several other parents carting toddlers back to their vehicles.  Four innings must be the toddler-attention limit.

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