Shirt and Pants Bag

The last couple weeks have been crazy. My sister and I have been putting together a bridal shower for my niece. It’s going to be so cool. I will post pictures and such after. I want it to be a surprise.

In the mean time, my husband tore the sleeve of one of his work shirts. The rest of the shirt was in pretty good shape, so I could have cut off the long sleeves and made it short sleeve. He doesn’t wear that style of shirt though, so I tossed it on the pile of things to be fixed, figuring I’d come up with something.

And I did:

Orange Shirt and Pants Bag

I have been making a lot of tote bags of various sizes for something to do and been having a lot of fun trying different things. For this bag, I used his shirt for the outside and a twill fabric for the interior. The twill was from a scrapped attempt to make a bag for my cutting mat, so it was recycled too.

It came out so cute, I had to make more. I almost cleared the racks at Goodwill of long sleeve, button-down shirts, then realized the short sleeve shirts were cheaper and I didn’t need the sleeves anyway, so I grabbed a couple of those too. Green plain Shirt and Pants Bag Green and Brown plaid on the bias Shirt and Pants Bag

And I wrote out instructions, so you can raid your husband’s closet, or the local thrift store, and make your own bag.

Link to Shirt and Pants Bag Pattern. (The bags are for sale there too.)

If you make one, send me pictures. I would love to see how they turn out.

Now I need to figure out what to do with the sleeves and collars.

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10 thoughts on “Shirt and Pants Bag

  1. Joselyn, you are so creative! Love these bags. What a great way to use up old shirts. One problem–I would have to cut around the paint blotches and oil stains, so there’d be nothing left to use. Oh, yes, another problem is I can’t sew!!! Patricia–I loved that quilt top of shirts. Very clever idea..I can imagine how soft and cuddly it would be to snuggle under it.

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